Welcome Everybody to the Website “Responsibility”!

This website has been created to support the dissemination and communication objectives of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Project ReNa “Collective Responsibility towards Nature and Future Generations”, funded by the European Commission and developed by Dr. Giulia Battistoni. Consequently, it will make publications on the topic available in Open Access (see the item PUBLICATIONS), it will share news about events and talks involving Dr. Battistoni on the topic and the corresponding videos (see the items EVENTS/TALKS and MULTIMEDIA).
The blog (within the item MSC PROJECT) is aimed at opening the research to discussion among a wider community: everybody will be free to comment its entries, respecting the personal dignity of people involved.

People and institutions involved in the project are:

  • The University of Verona (Italy) in the people of Dr. Giulia Battistoni and Prof. Giorgio Erle of the Department of Human Sciences.
  • The Trustees of Boston University (United States) in the person of Prof. Sally Sedgwick, Chair of the Department of Philosophy.
  • The Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (Germany) in the person of Prof. Klaus Vieweg, Professor emeritus at the Institut für Philosophie.

For more information, see the page PEOPLE AND INSTITUTION within the item MSC PROJECT.

The topic “Responsibility” is addressed through interdisciplinary research which combines theoretical with historical-philosophical investigations, expanding to debates in the ethical, juridical and socio-political fields.
The project – started in November 2022 and lasting till October 2025 – is carried out by Dr. Giulia Battistoni, who will spend 19 months at the Department of Philosophy of Boston University (from January 2023 till July 2024) under the supervision of Prof. Sally Sedgwick (outgoing phase); 3 months at the Institut für Philosophie of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (from August 2024 till October 2024) under the supervision of Prof. Klaus Vieweg (secondment); 14 months that the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona (November 2022-December 2022; November 2024 till October 2025) under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Erle (return phase).

Enjoy the website and its contents!

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