Giulia Battistoni (ReNa Project), Giorgio Erle (eds.): Responsabilità, comunità e comunicazione: dalla filosofia moderna all’etica contemporanea, «Pòlemos. Materiali di filosofia e critica sociale» 1, 2023. ISSN: 2281-9517. ISBN: 9788855226202.

Synopsis (from the Introduction):

The present issue of «Pólemos. Materiali di filosofia e critica sociale» is devoted to concepts whose intertwining on the moral, socio-political and finally global levels has shown its relevance especially in the aftermath of the pandemic events of recent years, calling the whole of humanity to rethink them: Responsibility, community and communication. In a pathway that moves From modern philosophy to contemporary ethics, it aims to show, in particular, how the systematic and foundational views of Kant and Hegel, in the past spelt out, provide fundamental categories for ethical reflection on the action and responsibility of individuals. Starting from this background, the issue brings together articles that permit to trace a clear path that from the breadth of the concept of responsibility descends into the depths of its most intimate impllications, demonstrating the legacy of modern thought, in particular of classical German philosophy, for contemporary discussions on the subject.

Essays by: Rossella Bonito Oliva, Eleonora Cugini, Stefania Achella, Giorgio Erle, Giulia Battistoni, Sabrina Zucca-Soest, Carlo Scognamiglio, Davide Poggi, Vittorio Hösle, Ilaria Ferrara, Lucia Procuranti, Alessandro Volpi.

The volume is available in Open Access at this link: