Giulia Battistoni (ed.): Fondamenti per un agire responsabile. Riflessioni a partire dalla filosofia classica tedesca, FrancoAngeli, Milano 2020.


This volume brings together contributions which, responding to a much-felt need today, question the concepts of freedom, responsibility and imputation: these are fundamental categories not only in the moral sphere, to define the agent’s fault, but also in the legal field, to define a fair and just punishment.
The essays presented here analyze, on the one hand, the conditions for attributing responsibility and freedom to the human being; on the other, they trace forms of freedom also in reference to nature (traditionally understood as the realm of necessity) and to philosophical inquiry itself. Thus different perspectives unfold, which are complementary in the common search for a philosophical foundation. Starting from a classic of ancient philosophy, Plato, we will reach, passing through the conceptions of freedom of Leibniz, Kant and Fichte, the philosophy of Hegel, whose 250th birth-anniversary was celebrated in 2020, continuing from here towards the contemporaneity. Finally, we will ask ourselves about the meaning of philosophical practice and the responsibility that it entails.

Essays by: G. Battistoni, G. Erle, S. Fuselli, P. Giuspoli, F.L. Marcolungo, F. Menegoni, A. Moretto, A. Schmidt, K. Vieweg.

The volume is available in Open Access at this link: