On 8th December 2023 Giulia Battistoni will participate as a speaker in the Harvard European Philosophy Workshop, giving a talk at Harvard University (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) on the topic: Lebensprozess and Living Organism: Hegel, Jonas and Whitehead.


This talk aims at developing an original position within the debate which studies the relation between Hegel’s dialectical thought and Whitehead’s process philosophy. Passing through the interpretative mediation of Hans Jonas, who both appreciates and criticizes Whitehead’s theory, drawing attention to his idea of “nature alive” and its becoming process, I aim at demonstrating how Hegel’s understanding of the living organism and his concept of life reveal themselves to be crucial categories to understand Whitehead’s notions of process, life, and actual entities as organisms, thus drawing a possible comparison between Whitehead’s and Hegel’s philosophies of nature, understood as great efforts to overcome metaphysical dualisms.